Friday, November 7, 2008

Recent Commissions

This recent commission was a gift from a patron to her husband of 25 years. The commission letter reads:

Debby commissioned me to create this blown glass sculpture for you in honor of your 25th wedding anniversary.

I enjoy carving birds on many of my pieces because of their graceful appearance and symbolic meaning. Cranes symbolize long life, good fortune, and fidelity. You and Debby are the two cranes standing in the middle. On either side are sego lilies (the state flower of Utah) and a mountain ridge. These two elements represent the Wasatch Valley where you intend to live in the near future. On the opposite side of the sculpture are two cranes flying overhead - representing your two children, John and Janelle. Underneath, a lilac bush and a fox are depicted to symbolize each of your childhood hometowns: yours in Lombard (“the Lilac Village”) and Debby’s in St. Charles (along the Fox River). The tree, a blue spruce, is the state tree of Utah and known for its ability to withstand extreme elements of weather. The tree is a symbol of your quest to establish new roots for your family in the West. There are 25 shining stars in the sky - one for every year you have been married (1983 – 2008). Since Debby loves gazing at the moon, a quarter moon shines over the entire piece.

I designed and created this freeblown glass sculpture with the hope that it will capture the story of your marriage and remind you of the love you have shared, the family you have created together and highlight your constant and enduring love.

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D. Fritz said...

Beautiful piece, beautiful description, beautiful total work of commemorative art! Bravo!